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Helping people with personal or occupational injuries or illnesses stay connected to work.

MN RETAIN helps employees stay at or return to work more rapidly when an injury or illness impacts their ability to work. MN RETAIN connects the employee, employer and health care provider through a MN RETAIN Return to Work Case Manager. Staying active and safely returning to work is known to speed healing and improve outcomes for the employee and it benefits the employer by retaining a valuable employee.

How MN RETAIN helps workers:

  • Maintain an employment relationship that provides job security
  • Maintain self-esteem and financial independence
  • Maintain job skills
  • Maximize physical health and rehabilitation
  • Resume daily life and relationships at work

If you meet the following criteria you may be eligible for RETAIN:

If you meet the following conditions, you may qualify for services through the MN RETAIN program:  

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Live and work in Minnesota
  • Have a work-related or non-work-related (personal) injury or illness that acutely affects employment including exacerbation of pre-existing conditions

Whether you are employed or looking for employment, if you meet all of the above requirements please email or call 507-284-4537 for more information. Outcomes of the program will be evaluated to assess the impact of return to work for participants who choose to enroll.

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