Brendan thanks CareerForce for helping him find new employment that’s a great fit

photo of Brendan, who found good career fit for him thanks to CareerForce

Brendan thanks CareerForce for helping him find new employment that’s a great fit.

Brendan received assistance through CareerForce in Bloomington, thanks to a Good Jobs Now call he received. DEED CareerForce staff have called more than 100,000 unemployed Minnesotans over the past year to help connect people with resources to find the right employment for them through the Good Jobs Now initiative. Brendan received such a call in January and quickly got the advice and support he needed from Gina Meixner and Irene Connors from CareerForce in Bloomington, along with other CareerForce partners. Here’s what he had to say about the help he received. 

“My challenge was finding the time to self-reflect, focus on my medium and long term career goals, and find the employment opportunities best suited to me. Another challenge was finding meaningful employment. 

“I was able to find an amazing position in my industry through the help of CareerForce staff, my Hired staff, and my UI program benefits. With these advantages in my corner I was able to improve my interviewing skills through webinars and one-on-one guidance, understand and define my goals through feedback and support with staff members, and identify the opportunities that were the best fit for me.

“In a few short weeks I was offered a position in my desired industry, with roles and compensation that were both beyond my current expectations.

“I have gained an appreciation for the support services provided by UI, CareerForce, Hired, and my network.”

Are you looking for assistance in finding the right employment for you? Contact staff at a CareerForce location near you!