CareerForce helps Ryan navigate job search challenges

graphic of two people high-fiving with words "CareerForce Success Story"

Having not had to look for work for decades, Ryan was overwhelmed by all the things he had to do and the changes which had happened in the job search process since he last needed to look for work.

“I found it very difficult to proceed, even in the things I knew I could do, said Ryan. “I took several courses from CareerForce and though they were very helpful and full of ideas and important information, I found myself utterly overwhelmed with the many things I could and should do.”

Ryan also had some specific challenges to overcome in finding new employment, including a criminal record. Ryan was referred to Glory Mitchell at CareerForce in Duluth. Glory specializes in helping people with a criminal record engage in a successful job search.

“She got to know me a bit and jumped in to help me,” said Ryan about Glory. “She gave me manageable daily tasks to do and would give me input and encouragement as I walked through those simple tasks.”

By the end of the first week working with Glory, Ryan had completed his first resume and cover letter, which were focused on a particular position and which were written to help make sure his skills came through during computerized screening of his application. The next week Ryan got a job interview and though the position wasn't a fit, he says he had a very positive experience and gained a lot of confidence.          

“The training and the whole experience with Glory have brought me to a place where I am better able navigate this process of modern job searching,” said Ryan. “I am so grateful.”