Carol is proof that perseverance pays off in pursuing the right career path

photo of Carol, who finished her Medical Assistant degree at 60

“I wanted to go into a field to help people. It’s really rewarding for me.”

At age 61, Carol accomplished a career goal she had set for herself 15 years ago. She earned her degree and now she is working in health care providing care to patients. Carol started her journey in 2007, attending school to become a Licensed Practical Nurse  (LPN), but stopped to work full time.

She returned to Pine Technical Community College (PTCC) in 2019 to complete her degree; changing career paths with the goal of becoming a Medical Assistant. Her previous LPN courses transferred, allowing her to complete the Medical Assistant program in one year. Becoming a Medical Assistant has made a dramatically positive impact in Carol’s life.

“It has impacted my life in the most positive way. It has kept my mind healthy and body healthy,” said Carol. “I love learning and learning something new and I’ll tell you something: I learn something new every day.”

Carol says going back to school made her a little nervous, but assistance she received supported her during return to the classroom. PTCC referred Carol to employment specialist Janelle Sowers at Leading CareerForce Partner Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services (CMJTS). Janelle worked with Carol to enroll her in the WIOA Adult Program to help her finish her training.

“I was a little nervous because of my age. It was a little scary but it was also an uplifting thing,” explained Carol. “It’s never too late to learn and keeping your mind occupied is definitely a positive thing – keep asking questions don’t turn from mistakes learn from them.”

Carol is grateful to everyone who has helped her: Janelle and her colleagues at CMJTS, her PTCC instructors and staff, and those she worked with at her clinical sites.

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