Jobs in Demand: Drivers/Sales Workers

picture of pizza delivery driver wearing mask

Enjoy getting out on the road? Have a knack for selling products? If so, being a Driver/Sales Worker may be just the job for you. And such jobs have shown increased demand over the past year with new consumer behaviors established during the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, Driver/Sales Workers drive trucks or other vehicles over established routes or within established territories to sell and deliver goods. These goods may consist of food products such as restaurant take-out items, commercial laundry, newspapers, or other merchandise. Work schedules for Drivers/Sales Workers may vary considerably. Those with regular routes may have to begin work very early in the morning while others may work late at night. Such drivers often also work on weekends and holidays.

There are approximately 8,800 Driver/Sales Workers in the State of Minnesota. About half of such drivers are employed in the Leisure and Hospitality industry sector (largely Restaurants and other eating places), with another two-fifths employed in Trade, Transportation, and Utilities. Smaller shares of such drivers are employed in Other Services, as well as Manufacturing. Whatever the industry these drivers are employed in they will likely have similar responsibilities including loading and unloading their cargo, communicating with customers to determine pickup and delivery needs, handling paperwork such as receipts and delivery confirmation notices, and keeping their vehicle and equipment clean and in working order. Of course, such drivers will also have sales responsibilities.

The median hourly wage for Driver/Sales Workers in Minnesota is $12.75. Half of all Drivers/Sales Workers earn between $11.65 per hour and $18.26 per hour. According to DEED’s Job Vacancy Survey, demand for Driver/Sales Workers did increase significantly by the end of 2020. During the 4th quarter of that year, employers reported over 630 job openings for such workers with a median wage offer of $16.12. This likely reflects increased e-commerce over the past year as more and more people have shopped from home. Looking forward, DEED anticipates the need for over 4,500 Drivers/Sales Workers through 2028 to fill jobs left vacant due to labor market exits.

Those with a valid driver’s license and clean driving record will have the best prospects at becoming a Driver/Sales Worker. A high school diploma or equivalent will likely be needed, too, but opportunities do exist for those without a high school diploma. Short on-the-job-training is to be expected. This training may cover delivery routes, detailed information about products sold, proper sales techniques, and company policy. New drivers may be placed with a mentor when first employed. Employers of Drivers/Sales Workers often look for good customer-service and sales skills, essential math skills, hand-eye coordination, good vision, and patience.

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