Tiona’s Career Success Story in Her Own Words: Discovering Her Passion

photo of Tiona who moved from food service jobs to a health care career thanks to Dislocated Worker

Tiona shared this this story of her success in moving from food service jobs to a health care career:

Working for the University of Minnesota in food service was an amazing opportunity for me. I worked with great people and had the support of a caring team. Prior to that I was a cook for various restaurants and didn’t have a serious plan for my future career.  

While I loved my restaurant job, the pandemic created a new challenge. The University usually takes a three-week winter break, but this year they extended it to seven weeks due to the pandemic. During the break, I wasn’t needed to work in the restaurant. Imagine seven weeks without a paycheck! That is when I woke up and realized I did not have a career. I needed new goals, challenges, and a career with stability. This shutdown at the University really kicked everything into gear. I enrolled in the Dislocated Worker program with Minnesota Job Partners, the career services division of the Teamsters Service Bureau, a CareerForce partner.

Together, my Minnesota Job Partners counselor Esther and I explored what I would want in my career. I wanted to find something I’m both interested and passionate about. I attended several workshops to discover my career. I had never felt so secure in such an unsure time in my life. Esther’s guidance and reassurance were everything I needed to get through this devastating time. With my newfound interest in the medical field, thanks to my work in the lab, I worked with Esther to determine the best place to get my feet wet. Phlebotomy – puncturing a person’s vein to withdraw blood or introduce a fluid – wasn’t something that occurred to me, but it did to Esther. She knew me very well and suggested I might enjoy it.

With the help of Minnesota Job Partners, I received financial aid to train for my new career. I studied and made sure I understood everything I was learning during my four-week training. I passed the exam!  While I was training, Esther helped me job search with a professional résumé. I was grateful to be in training during the seven-week shutdown, but my anxiety was a problem. I was worrying about being able to support myself in this pandemic. Esther helped me receive rental assistance, and even helped me with my groceries. I was so stressed and feeling hopeless, but she reminded me every day why I can’t give up.

During the three months I was in the Minnesota Job Partners program, I completed phlebotomy training, got career coaching and professional résumé help, and received extra assistance during the pandemic. Then I found a lab position at M Health Fairview thanks to my new skills.

photo of Tiona's U of M lab badge

With my new title of Laboratory Care Technician, I can earn from $18 up to $30 an hour. I feel somewhat free, inspired to complete more of my career goals. This is the beginning of a very exciting future. I went from working jobs I wasn’t passionate about – earning $13 to $15.60 an hour – to having a career I’m passionate about and happy to do every day.

Esther helped me find happiness in my own life. She pushed me to explore what I really want for my life. After thinking and researching endlessly, I know my purpose is to help others. My drive to help others comes from the people close to me – my family and friends. They inspire me to become a better me every day as I find more ways to incorporate the things I care about into my career.

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