What we’re hearing about the Workforce Optimization Cycle

graphic of the Workforce Optimization Cycle showing the 6 stages: Assess Your Business, Project Labor Demand, Workforce Gap Analysis, Develop Workforce Strategies, Communicate & Implement, Monitor, Evaluate & Adapt

We are getting great feedback on the Workforce Optimization Cycle (WOC) resources Workforce Strategy Consultants developed to help Minnesota businesses plan for and meet their workforce needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The six stages in the cycle help employers walk through assessing their business, projecting labor demand, identifying workforce gaps, developing workforce strategies, communicating about and implementing strategies and monitoring, evaluating and adapting strategies to meet changing needs.

“The Workforce Optimization Cycle (WOC) provides a proactive approach to navigating the challenging times we find ourselves and our businesses in,” says Mesa Siebert, a strategic marketing consultant based in Minnesota. “Each step in the process shares unique business strategy reminders, some traditional, some new and innovative, and some that may have just been overlooked due to the chaotic atmosphere that the pandemic produced. It is helpful to have a comprehensive guide, like the WOC, to plan for and address issues in the "new" workplace.”

We are hearing some common questions arise as businesses develop their workforce strategies and ramp up business in our new normal. Here are a few:

  • Will the same number of employees be needed?
  • Will employees return to the same job responsibilities?
  • What jobs can be done remotely? 
  • Can we restructure some jobs to be partial telework, partial in-the-office?
  • Do my employees possess the skills that need in the new normal?
  • What kind of training is needed for the employees? Soft skills?  Hard skills? Technology training?
  • What type of investment is needed to make this training happen?
  • What resources are available for training?

Do you have feedback you’d like to share about using the WOC resources? Do you have questions you’d like to get help answering? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to your regional Workforce Strategy Consultant.