Why Minnesota employers hire veterans

navy veteran and her family

We reached out to Minnesota employers and asked them why they specifically seek out veterans when they are hiring. Here’s what they said, in their own words:

“Mayo Clinic has a rich military history that has helped shape who we are.  Mayo Clinic values commitment, integrity, leadership, excellence, teamwork, and service beyond self.  These are the attributes and skills found within our veterans.  Hiring veterans provide talented individuals with an opportunity to leverage those strengths and skills with a new mission of hope and healing to every patient we serve.” -Guy Finne, Director, Workforce Development, Mayo Clinic, Rochester

“Medtronic hires veterans because we are always looking for leaders who know that leadership is about service: Service to customers, their fellow employees, but most importantly - service to our Mission of Alleviating Pain, Restoring Health, and Extending Life.” -Medtronic Veteran Employee Resource Group Leadership Team, Medtronic Operational Headquarters, Minneapolis

"We find that military veterans have excellent transferable skills.  Skills and qualities that make a person an outstanding asset in the military—strong work ethic, collaboration skills, discipline, leadership, incredible problem-solving skills, and creativity to overcome obstacles—are precisely the kinds of qualities that make them so successful in the private sector." -Nick Granowski, Director, Customer Security Intake, Capital One, St. Cloud

“Twenty-four percent of AAR’s U.S.-based workforce is made up of military veterans, and nearly half of the Company’s business relates to government and defense operations. AAR actively supports veterans in recruiting, hiring and employee recognition practices, and celebrates veterans’ contributions — not just on Veterans Day, but every day.” -Jennie Sage, Sr. Human Resources Manager, AAR Airframe Maintenance, Duluth

“McGough has had a long history of hiring veterans and has benefited from their mission-focused mindset and collaborative team spirit. We have consistently seen veterans thrive on our job sites and in our offices as they take on the fast-paced, partnership-based, and complex work associated with commercial construction.” -Tim Reimann, Executive Vice President of Operations, McGough Construction, St. Paul

Want to find out more about the skills and qualities veterans bring to the table? Watch this video.

Are you an employer who would like to share your reasons why you hire veterans? Send us an email at CareerForce@state.mn.us. Soon, we'll post another update from Minnesota Employers about why they hire veterans.