Bulk Reef Supply

Our efforts at Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) are focused on providing high value products and solutions as well as valuable information that make reefing fun and easy. We are committed to helping fellow hobbyists achieve the best possible success with their own tanks. This is why we invest our time and effort into producing BRStv, staffing our customer care team with knowledgeable hobbyists, and only stocking products and brands that we, as reefers, use and trust.

We are a group of passionate, ambitious, and fun-loving people who are committed not only to growth and success but having a really great time while we’re at it. On any given day, a walk through our office will show you a reef tank (or two) on nearly every desk, lively collaboration and discussion, and likely a few science experiments happening in the back. Today, this company is a successful business thanks to an emphasis on the core values every BRS employee lives by:

  • Serves the customer above all else
  • Driven to improve and takes initiative
  • Motivated by a job well done
  • Good natured and open minded
  • Humbly confident

And if you are looking for perks; we've got you covered. We offer:

  • Generous benefits package
  • Weekly pay
  • Catered lunches and cook-off’s
  • Bring your dog to work (every) day
  • Meat raffles
  • Annual competitions with prizes

6325 Sandburg Road, Suite 400
Golden Valley, MN 55427
United States