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Personal Care Aides

Assist the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities at the person's home or in a care facility. Duties performed at a place of residence may include keeping house (making beds, doing laundry, washing dishes) and preparing meals. May provide assistance at non-residential care facilities. May advise families, the elderly, convalescents, and persons with disabilities regarding such things as nutrition, cleanliness, and household activities.

Also known as

Medication Aide, Patient Care Assistant (PCA), Personal Care Aide, Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Home Care Aide, Caregiver, Resident Care Assistant (RCA), Home Health Care Provider


The typical education required for this career in Minnesota is:
Less than high school



Demand 5 / 5
10-Year Growth 31.6%
10-Year Openings 151,196


People in this occupation tend to earn between $12.27 to $15.21 per hour

Cost of Living

A typical family with two adults - working a combined 60 hours per week - with one child at home needs to earn $18.20 per hour per worker to meet their basic needs.

Daily Work Activities

  • Administer basic health care or medical treatments.
  • Maintain client information or service records.
  • Document client health or progress.
  • Monitor health or behavior of people or animals.
  • Develop plans for programs or services.

Licensing Information

The state of Minnesota may require a license to work in this career.

Certification Information

Some employers may require an occupational certification to work in this career.

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