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Farmworkers and Laborers, Crop

Manually plant, cultivate, and harvest vegetables, fruits, nuts and field crops. Use hand tools, such as shovels, trowels, hoes, tampers, pruning hooks, shears, and knives. Duties may include tilling soil and applying fertilizers; transplanting, weeding, thinning, or pruning crops; applying pesticides; cleaning, packing, and loading harvested products. May construct trellises, repair fences and farm buildings, or participate in irrigation activities.

Also known as

Hired Hand, Irrigator, Picker, Farm Worker, Harvester, Hoe Worker, Orchard Worker, Farm Laborer, Field Worker, Field Irrigation Worker


The typical education required for this career in Minnesota is:
Less than high school



Demand 4 / 5
10-Year Growth 3.6%
10-Year Openings 8,217


People in this occupation tend to earn between $12.16 to $19.95 per hour

Cost of Living

A typical family with two adults - working a combined 60 hours per week - with one child at home needs to earn $18.20 per hour per worker to meet their basic needs.

Daily Work Activities

  • Apply chemical solutions to plants to protect against disease or insects or to enhance growth.
  • Confer with managers to make operational decisions.
  • Direct activities of agricultural, forestry, or fishery employees.
  • Operate irrigation systems.
  • Operate farming equipment.

Licensing Information

No licenses found for this occupation.

Certification Information

Some employers may require an occupational certification to work in this career.

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