Megan earned her Minnesota Nursing Assistant Certificate thanks to Leading CareerForce partner 

photo of Megan, who successfully earned her Nursing Assistant Certificate while in high school

As a high school junior in Montevideo, Megan had a great work history but was struggling with transportation to and from her cashier job at a retailer due to the lack of a driver’s license. That’s where Minnesota Youth Program grantee and leading CareerForce partner Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (SWPIC) came in.  

SWPIC staff helped her take the steps necessary to prepare for and obtain her driver’s license and at the same time encouraged her to attend a Nursing Assistant Career Pathway course. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, plus support from SWPIC, Megan successfully earned her Minnesota Nursing Assistant certificate and her driver’s license!  

She was hired immediately as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a nursing home in her hometown.