staff and partners giving high fives to each other

Sharing our good news

We do great work together and it’s important for us to celebrate our successes. We’re gathering career success stories from all around Minnesota—and we need you to share in the good news. Do you have a career seeker who worked with you to get on the career path of his dreams? Did you help an employer hire the talent she needed to take her organizations performance to the next level? Is there a CareerForce staff member or partner you know who always goes above and beyond and needs a few accolades? Then please share your success story today, here’s what you need to do in three easy steps:

1. The person who is the subject of the success story—career seeker, employer or CareerForce staff or partner—needs to sign a release form.

2. We want pictures—and there’s no need for a professional shoot. Capturing a photo to share with your submission is easy to do on your phone. Here are some photo tips.

3. Submit the success story by completing this short online form.