Resources for employers planning for economic recovery

graphic of the Workforce Optimization Cycle showing the 6 stages: Assess Your Business, Project Labor Demand, Workforce Gap Analysis, Develop Workforce Strategies, Communicate & Implement, Monitor, Evaluate & Adapt

Minnesota employers of all sizes, industries and backgrounds are operating in a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic disruption caused by COVID-19 has led businesses to reconsider their business prospects and workforce needs.

Throughout Minnesota, the economic recovery will depend largely on how well small and mid-size businesses are able to navigate the coming weeks and months. 

DEED’s Workforce Strategy Consultants want to help.

That's why they developed the Workforce Optimization Cycle, a strategic framework to guide businesses in planning for their current and future workforce needs.

See an overview of planning for economic recovery via the Workforce Optimization Cycle

There are six stages to the Workforce Optimization Cycle. Select the links below to learn more about each stage of the cycle.:

  1. Assess Your Business
  2. Project Labor Demand
  3. Workforce Gap Analysis
  4. Develop Workforce Strategies
  5. Communicate and Implement
  6. Monitor, Evaluate & Adapt