For Career Seekers:

  • Take an employment readiness assessment – Are you starting to search for new employment? The Employment Readiness Assessment will help guide you through the important first steps to take at the start of your search for employment.
  • Use the Compare Skills Tool - Want to learn more about how your skills match with careers in demand and/or a career of interest?  The Compare Skills Tool will provide you with information on careers that are a best skills match to your work experience with additional details on their current demand plus additional occupational data.  
  • Take an interest assessment – Considering a career change? Just starting out in the work world? Knowing what interests you can help you find the right career path. The CareerForce Interest Profiler will show you which occupations match the interest categories you score strongest in.
  • Take a skills assessment – Wondering what skills areas you are strongest in? Need to know more about how past experience could prepare you for future work? The CareerForce Skills Matcher will show you which occupations match the skills categories you score strongest in.
  • See a list of jobs in demand now that don't require a college degree – Many Minnesota employers are hiring now – and many jobs they are hiring for require a high school diploma or less. Check out Jobs in Demand now!
  • View Occupations in longer-term demand – have some ideas for a future career options, but want to make sure prospects are bright for what path you choose? Check out this In Demand Careers tool which provides occupation demand ratings.
  • Explore Careers - search by occupation title and keyword, view wage information, educational requirements, demand information, short videos and more for hundreds of career options
  • Explore Industries - learn about major industry sectors in Minnesota, read blogs focused on those industries and get labor market information
  • Search thousands of current Minnesota job openings – search by occupation title, employer or keywords, plus location.
  • Search training programs that are free for eligible Minnesotans - search by industry, keyword plus location.
  • Use the Career and Education Explorer - search careers by wage ranges, occupations and more and search education programs by location, in-person or virtual and more


Sign up for a free CareerForce account and you can access these additional handy tools:

  • Set career goals and explore occupations – want to learn more about occupations you are considering as career goals? Check out our occupation pages with wage info, education and certification requirements, info about daily activities, a short video about the job and more Select career goals by going to your My Goals & Experience tab, then selecting Learn more on up to six Career Goals.
  • Build your resume – Need help getting your resume organized and put together? The CareerForce Resume Builder will help you build a chronological resume, walking you through the steps to build out each section of your resume.