CareerForce helped this veteran find new work that feels like family

photo of Russell, a success story subject

Russell is a former member of the U.S. Army and Iraq veteran who lives in central Minnesota. This is his story of finding employment success at CareerForce.

“I was unable to find a career through conventional means like the paper, cold calling, hiring signs, due to issues brought back with me from serving in Iraq and having a poor work history over the past ten years since I was discharged.”

Russell went to CareerForce in Alexandria, where he attended a Creative Job Search workshop led by CareerForce staff member Samuel Kuehl. Samuel also gave Russell personal assistance revamping his resume. Russell says Samuel “went out of his way to help him”.

Russell also was case managed by CareerForce staff member LaDeen Schillinger to focus on finding a veteran-friendly career. Many employers note that they are veteran-friendly in their job postings because they want to attract candidates with the soft skills earned during military service, including leadership, teamwork and the ability to work well under pressure.

 “I have gained a new understanding of how to translate my transferable skills and soft skills to be able to better market myself,” said Russell.

He added the company he was hired at “feels like a wonderful fit” and is like a “new family to work with, like my army unit.”