Use this assessment to help determine your readiness to begin a search for employment. Answer these 13 questions to find out if you are ready for employment or if you have some steps to take to get ready.

How to use?

For each section, select the statement that best represents your situation. There are no wrong answers. As you select your answers, you will receive our recommendations on what you can do to get ready or improve your search for employment. You can change your answers at any time to view other recommendations.

You can Print your assessment and recommendations at the end of the assessment. From the Print page use your browser to either Print a copy or Save a copy as a PDF.

Need Help?

CareerForce is here to connect you to the right services and programs to take you to the next step. If you need additional help and information, connect with a CareerForce specialist.

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About You

1Are you a current or former member of the military?
2Are you receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits?
3Do you have a account?
4Are you enrolled in an eligibility based program (e.g. Dislocated Worker Program) or working with CareerForce already?

Computer and Basic Skills

5How comfortable are you using a computer?
6What is your highest level of education?

Job Search Skills

7How does your resume look?
8What strategies do you use in your job search?

Occupational Skills

9Where are you on your Career Path?
10Do you need any training or certifications?
11How much work experience do you have in your chosen career?

Essential Work Skills

12How are your workplace skills like decision making, time management, attitude, etc.?
13Do you need any work support help for things like child care, transportation, health, or housing?