Chad thanks Renee at CareerForce in Blaine

semi truck driving on mountain highway

Chad shared how CareerForce helped him when he was looking for work earlier this year. Now he’s driving a truck fulltime and loving his work. Chad’s really grateful to CareerForce for the assistance he received and he’s particularly thankful to Renee Peterson at the CareerForce location in Blaine.

“I was facing uncertainty like most individuals that are unemployed. I also saw this as an opportunity to find my forever job. I wanted to find a job I could have advancement opportunities that I could retire from. I qualified and successfully completed the class B driver program. I navigated through multiple interviews and job offers to find a company that met the needs of my family. I found success because I was motivated to find a career that would provide for my family.

“The CareerForce Center has multiple tools for success. My asset was Renee Peterson. She is the perfect blend of kindness, encouragement and support. She also has a tactful way of creating optimism out of discouragement. There was a point in this process I almost gave up on my Class B CDL. Renee encouraged me to take the weekend, reset and start fresh on Monday morning. She was right. Like she was at every step through this process.

“I'm 51 I had my resume and cover letter ready for the interviewing process. Renee gave me some great suggestions how to focus my resume for job specific work. I wanted a job as a Class B truck driver. She went line for line through my resume and gave me suggestions that strengthened my resume and led to multiple interviews.”

“I have a new outlook on our state-funded services. I never knew there was a support system of help like CareerForce. I personally gained a Class B license and a new career. I also have a restored confidence in myself after accomplishing these tasks. I have and will always tell friends, family and anyone that I think can benefit from the CareerForce Center. I will share my experience about the center. I also know it is there if I ever need it again.”