A degree helps Laura find family-sustaining employment

graphic of two people high-fiving with words "CareerForce Success Story"

Laura had worked as a bookkeeper at various companies for over 20 years, but without an accounting degree, she often experienced difficulty in finding a good-paying job. After a company she worked for was sold and all of the jobs at the company went to another country, Laura was able to get help through Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), which helps people who lose work as a result of foreign competition. Thanks to TAA and with help from TAA representative Ann Malz and Mark Pozzini at CareerForce in Woodbury, Laura was able to go to school to get her Associates Degree in Accounting.

“Without all the help and support of Ann Malz and Mark Pozzini, I wouldn't have been able to graduate within the timeline needed,” said Laura. “The TAA program helped me while I was getting my degree by allowing extended unemployment benefits and paying for my schooling and necessary books.”

TAA is available to eligible workers throughout Minnesota, and it is offered in coordination with Dislocated Worker services, including career counseling and support.

After earning her degree, her career future looks much brighter, Laura says. “Now that I have my Associates Degree in Accounting, I have become more employable and able to receive a salary that will allow me to support my family.”