How Vern achieved employment success with hard work and the right help

image of Vern in her car

Vern is a veteran who has a criminal record and was homeless when she sought help at CareerForce in St. Paul.  Thanks to help she received from Disabled Veteran Outreach Program representative Lee Okerstrom, Vern now has full-time employment in the career field she went to school for: accounting. Vern worked hard to get where she is now, taking a temporary accounting position to build up her resume and pay for a Section 8 apartment that gave her a place to call home. She also was selected to receive a donated car from a nonprofit, which removed her transportation limitations and opened up a wider world of employment opportunities. Now, she’s found the right employment for her and the future is much brighter than she could have imagined not long ago. Vern’s story is an inspiring one to any person facing barriers to employment: You can find employment success with hard work and the right help.