Manufacturing Employment Opportunities 

Manufacturing worker learning equipment

Are you looking for a good paying job that may not require education beyond high school to start? Consider a career in manufacturing! 

Manufacturing could offer you a great career path straight out of high school. More than 60% of manufacturing openings in the latest Minnesota Job Vacancy Survey from Q4 2021 didn’t require any postsecondary education. And according to that same survey the median wage offer for a position in manufacturing in Minnesota is $22.48 to start. That means that half of the current openings pay above that amount. Many manufacturing positions offer opportunity for advancement – with greater responsibility and greater pay – sometimes with employer-provided training. In fact, average annual wages for workers in manufacturing are $74,626, 11% higher than across all industries in Minnesota. 

There are many manufacturing job openings across Minnesota according to that Q4 2021 Job Vacancy Survey: 16,421 to be exact. And there are projected to be more than 75,000 job openings for manufacturing occupations through 2030 as older workers retire. So if you go into manufacturing, chances are that demand will remain strong for your skills and experience. 

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