My story of surviving the pandemic and its economic impact  

photo of MD who found work thanks to training made possible through Dislocated Worker program

I am MD, an employment-based immigrant, now a proud citizen. When I first came to the USA as a new immigrant, I did not have friends or family members who were knowledgeable of the job market to guide me in the USA market.  I bought a computer, connected it to internet and searched for jobs that would utilize my expertise in catering and experience in Japan.

The first job I found was as a Japanese restaurant manager at Newark International Airport. I found this job and applied online from my computer. After that I never searched online for a job. I worked at international airports in Newark, Philadelphia, Virginia and Minnesota. I got promoted periodically. I was happy as I came to the USA in my middle age.

I came to Minnesota to help my company’s MSP operation as they were shorthanded, then they asked to join MSP Ops permanently. We were opening one restaurant after another in MSP airport, including my commissary kitchen for mass food production. Then one day in March 2020 came the bad news of pandemic. I was furloughed and later laid off from a steady job. My wife got sick and I have a son aged 12. All was dark around me.

But I found light on the unemployment insurance web page where there was information about job training. I had prior computer related experience. So, I was looking for a certification on CompTIA A+. I looked for a scholarship or financial help for the course. School exam went well but I was stuck on the fees for the course, and I missed November class.

I got help from a lot of great humans. Finally, I was directed to Mr. Abdirashid Isse, who became my case manager for Dislocated Worker, a state program that helps people like me who are trying to survive by learning a new course to find a job and survive. I got funding for the course, studied hard and was certified A+ on May 9th, 2021. Mr. Abdi helped me through the process.

I got a job offer on my first interview as a Service Desk Analyst II.

I now believe if I work hard to find a solution for the crisis, God will help me.

I was moderately religious but after all this, I am faithful, grateful, and humble that I came out from the darkness of fate.

I am grateful for those with whom I interacted and the help they kindly gave me to survive the devastated economy.