Veteran Expands Horizons Thanks to CareerForce

photo of Scotty, a veteran who found a better job with CareerForce

U.S. Navy Veteran Scotty was an underemployed Electrical/Instrument Technician. Knowing he wanted more out of his career he started looking for a different job but struggled at first.  “Looking on my own wasn’t too successful,” he said.

Scotty was referred to Rebecca Kaas, Veterans Employment Representative at CareerForce in Marshall. She recommended that Scotty register for the Creative Job Search and Resume Writing classes taught by Denise Myhrberg at CareerForce in Marshall.

“Before the classes ever started, Rebecca e-mailed me information on possible job opportunities,” said Scotty. “I applied and with a lot of very helpful assistance from Denise, I had created resumes and cover letters.”

A contact of Rebecca’s, Mark Mann, local Veterans Employment Representative from CareerForce in Brooklyn Park, was working with WEC Energy Group to actively recruit veterans. As a result of this collaboration, Scotty learned about an employment opportunity from WEC Energy where he received an interview for the position of Utility Specialist.

“I was informed that I did not get that position,” Scotty said. “However, I was told to look on the website the next day because a new position would be posted and it was a better fit for my skills.”

Scotty applied for and was offered the position of Field Technician, which he eagerly accepted.

“I come into this company with more pay, a company vehicle and much better benefit package than I (had),” remarked Scotty. “I greatly appreciate the help that CareerForce in Marshall, especially Rebecca, provided. It was her contact that helped me find this position. I have also recommended CareerForce in Marshall to two of my now former co-workers.”