Library CareerForce Corner in Harmony

225 Third Avenue SW

CareerForce is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Education to provide CareerForce Corner resources within a limited number of interested Minnesota libraries. 

The CareerForce Corner provides curated, and up-to-date CareerForce resources to help library staff further assist job seekers. In addition, CareerForce Corner helps library staff more easily connect Minnesotans needing greater support in their job search or access to additional programs and services with CareerForce staff or partners who can help them. 

Information and services available at locations can include:

  • Resources such as flyers and brochures about CareerForce services
  • Workshops or other events that support job search
  • Space to meet with CareerForce staff when available for individual coaching or assistance with resumes, interview prep, referrals to other specialized services, etc.
  • Computer access

Please contact the location directly to learn more about services available.  

Programs and Services

Get on a rewarding path to career success

We want you to be successful finding a meaningful career and securing long-term family-sustaining wages.

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, including:

The next step for your next career

Some businesses close their doors. Others need to let their talent go for various reasons. When that happens, we’re often the first on the scene.

Jump-start your first career

We all start somewhere. And we all have a better chance of success with the right support. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 24 and want to gain work experience—or need help finishing your education—CareerForce is your first stop.