CareerForce can help you navigate a career change 

image of diverse people that says Workforce Development Month and has CareerForce logo

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Minnesota’s job market in unprecedented ways. From the largest and fastest job loss in state history to the steepest and swiftest employment recovery Minnesota has ever witnessed, the job market has been shaken up like never before. Now, there are tens of thousands of jobs available across the state and employers are scrambling to find workers to fill them.   

As jobs are coming back, they aren’t always in the same fields or requiring the same skills as the jobs that were lost. This means you may need to gain new skills to find a job in your area that meets your family’s needs.   

CareerForce is here to help you prepare for and find a good job now. All across Minnesota, we have professional employment counselors ready to help you find the opportunity that fits your needs. Whether that’s matching your skills to a job that’s available right now or connecting you to short-term training opportunities that lead to a job on a career path with a strong future, we have the tools and training you need. 

Here are just a few examples of resources available to people making a career change now: