CareerForce partner sees big increase in people interested in training programs thanks to Training Program Finder

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Beth Bidinger, Supervisor of Career Advancement Services at Avivo in Minneapolis, recently started listing no cost training programs on the Training Program Finder on She’s seen a big increase in interest from people looking for training opportunities. Avivo even had to add a second class option for their pre-requisite courses because the first class session is nearly full.

“Approximately a week after I finalized the postings on the Training Program Finder, I noticed that I was receiving an increase in direct emails and phone calls to me,” said Beth. “Knowing that potential participants don’t normally access my direct email and phone number via Avivo’s website, I knew that the inquiries must be coming from the Training Program Finder. When I asked a handful of potential participants how they had heard about us, they confirmed that suspicion.”

Beth says Avivo has noticed an interest in all three of its training programs listed on the Training Program Finder, especially in the Medical Office Support Training Program. Beth encourages other providers with no cost training programs to consider posting them on the Training Program Finder on

“The Training Program Finder has been very easy to use and to update,” said Beth. “I have noticed a marked increase in potential participants interested in the training programs at Avivo’s Institute. The interested participants come to me with a full understanding of the eligibility requirements, due to the detailed content required to list a training program on the Training Program Finder. I have just posted a second round of programs on the TPF and am already receiving inquiries via email and phone. I believe the Training Program Finder has greatly helped to bridge the connection between potential participants/job seekers and training providers. I certainly encourage other participant training programs to post their offerings on the Training Program Finder . It benefits both job seekers and training providers!”