Laid Off During Pandemic, Bruno Gets Training to Land Fulfilling Tech Job

photo of Bruno, who completed digital training and got hired in fulfilling IT job

Bruno was working as a leasing consultant, making $13 an hour, when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in his layoff. At the time, Bruno was considering a career in food systems management, but the pandemic affected that industry as well. Bruno always had an interest in computer applications, so he researched various training opportunities and became interested in a software engineering program at Prime Digital Academy. This is when he found out that CareerForce partner Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS) could assist with the training.

Bruno contacted JFCS and was enrolled in the Dislocated Worker program. His counselor, Anna Ferdelman, helped him identify his interests and transferrable skills, which further validated that computer applications was the avenue to success! Anna then guided Bruno smoothly through the application process to begin his training at Prime Digital Academy. Prime Digital Academy is a coding boot camp, with eight hours of instruction and four more hours of homework every day, six days a week, for six months. Bruno was undaunted by the intensity of the program, and he enrolled in this training.

However, even though he was receiving unemployment benefits, Bruno found it difficult to pay some of his bills. The training was too intense to allow him time for a part-time job. He shared with Anna that he was having a hard time paying his rent and also told her that, if he paid the rent, he did not have enough money to buy groceries that month. Anna used the Dislocated Worker support funds to cover Bruno’s rent. She also accessed one of JFCS endowment funds that provides gift cards for people who were affected by the pandemic to buy groceries and other necessities.

With Anna’s encouragement and support, Bruno graduated from Prime Digital Academy in November of 2020. He immediately started job searching, and in February 2021 he started a new position as a Front End Web Developer at a local financial technology company, making $67,000 per year ($32 an hour), with full benefits.

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