Lisa says thank you to CareerForce

graphic of two people high-fiving with words "CareerForce Success Story"

Lisa recently shared this message with CareerForce staff:

I just wanted to pass along thank yous to your staff.  I lost my job in December and wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with my current career. I know there are oodles of resources on, but I focused on the webinars you offered on many industries as well as entrepreneurship. I participated in several webinars per week to just get exposed to as many job ideas as I could, to see if something looked interesting. I was "casting a wide net", if you will. 

I attended a webinar on MSP airport jobs and it really interested me. One of the presenters was with a large retailer and restaurateur that operates at MSP, and I went ahead and applied for a server position. I got the job and started last week!  I absolutely love it.  

Thank you for all the work you do. Please know that it makes a difference.  

Thank you for helping me find a new job, especially during this unique pandemic time.  

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