Lizzy Finds promising career path thanks to MnDOT/DEED training

highway construction near downtown Minneapolis

Lizzy had really never considered a career in construction before, but when she got an email about the MNDOT/DEED Highway Heavy Construction Training Program last year, she was intrigued. She was in her mid-20s, working part time at a gym and not really sure what she wanted to do with her life. The good pay and promising career path of construction seemed like just what she was looking for. 

So Lizzy applied for the program, was accepted and graduated from the Cement Masonry course this past spring. She was hired right away by Lunda construction – and she couldn’t be happier with her new career direction.

“I really enjoy the physical aspect of it – when you get to the end of the day and know you put in a hard day’s work,” said Lizzy, who added that being on an in-demand career path also makes her feel good. “I feel a lot more secure financially and personally.”

Lizzy says she really likes the people she works with, who have been very supportive, helping mentor her on the job. Lizzy wants others – especially women – to know that they can do this work. 

“I’m small, 5 foot 1, and Asian and a woman,”  Lizzy said noting that while the construction workforce is not very racially diverse and is overwhelmingly male, she has been welcomed in the field and feels at home on the job. “It’s not something that I would have considered doing without the program to get my foot in the door and introduce me to this field I would never have known about otherwise.”

“I want to work my way up to Journeyman and build my skills and be able to confidently say ‘I work in construction’, “ said Lizzy. “I am really thankful for this program – it really did help!"