Scenic picture of Minneapolis stone arch bridge

One purpose of prosperity

As the only unified system driving prosperous outcomes for career seekers, employers, communities and Minnesota, we are poised for success.

Our vision is to become known as the trusted talent resource driving economic prosperity for everyone living in Minnesota.

Our mission is to facilitate thriving career solutions for individuals, employers, communities and Minnesota.

Our values support the work we do together.

COLLABORATION: The work we do together matters. It matters to the people and communities we serve, to Minnesota and to each other.

EQUITY: We meet people where they are in life. We deliver what’s needed for ongoing success. We make everyone feel included, valued and respected.

PASSION: People can find happiness and fulfillment through work. We’re passionate about making that happen for them.

EMPOWERMENT: We empower individuals, organizations and Minnesota communities. We strive to make life better for people every day.

INNOVATION: Innovative thinking leads to new ideas. New ideas lead to powerful solutions. Powerful solutions lead to prosperous outcomes.