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Addressing disparities matters to all Minnesotans

Minnesota is recognized as a great place to live, with a diverse economy, a strong workforce and above average scores on many measures of success. However, not all Minnesotans have shared in the state’s economic prosperity. People of color, people with disabilities and other groups continue to experience economic disparities.

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Economic disparities by race

Minnesota has some of the largest racial disparities in the nation when it comes to income and poverty. See data specific to our state and learn more about economic disparities by race.

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Economic disparities faced by Minnesotans with disabilities

Minnesotans with disabilities are much more likely to live in poverty than Minnesotans without disabilities. Learn more about Economic Disparities Faced by Minnesotans with Disabilities.

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Welcome all Minnesotans to the workforce

Minnesota is experiencing a decline in the percentage of its population that is working age. Learn more about why we need to welcome all Minnesotans to the workforce if we want to see continued economic success in our state.