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What is I-WE?

The Inclusive Workforce Employer (I-WE) designation provides a process for employers to show they are inclusive with their workplace practices.

Employers who earn the I-WE designation can leverage the deignation to recruit and retain employees from an increasingly diverse talent pool, and harness that diversity for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Interested employers apply for designation, work to meet criteria and get feedback from a regional Community Workforce Inclusion Council (CWIC) before presenting their application to the Local Workforce Development Board for final approval.

I-WE Goal: Reduce disparities and raise awareness of the value of and methods for increasing diversity by creating a designation to recognize and promote inclusive employers.

The I-WE designation was originally established by the Regional Workforce Alliance of Northwest Minnesota to support and recognize inclusive employers. Find out more about how I-WE got started.

Employers must meet the following criteria to earn the I-WE designation: 

  1. Express a commitment to an inclusive and equitable workplace in their organization's stated mission, values or policies
  2. Assess how diversity, equity and inclusion influence their work / culture
  3. Provide diversity, equity and inclusion training and education for staff and leadership
  4. Allocate resources to support and sustain an inclusive and equitable workplace and/or community

View the I-WE Employer Toolkit