Andu makes a difference in the lives of others by working in senior care 

photo of Andu at work

“In my life I like to help people and also if someone is happy (because of) me it makes me happy, so I love to help people.”   

Andu is so dedicated to his important work that he has not one but two full time jobs, one as a Nursing Assistant and one as a Trained Medication Assistant, both in senior care. 

Andu arrived from Ethiopia a few years ago and enrolled in health care and English language classes at the International Institute of Minnesota. One measure of his dedication: He biked to classes during the dead of winter. 

When the pandemic disrupted classes, Andu didn’t become discouraged. Instead, he worked extra hard, studying intensely to pass his certification exam. “I studied all day and all night.” 

Like many International Institute students who become nursing assistants, Andu stated that his main motivation to become a CNA was that he likes “to help elderly people”. 

Andu is not done learning and growing in his health care career, he plans to earn his Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).