CareerForce spotlight: Sandra Brick provides expert help to job seekers revamping their resumes

Sandra Brick, a person sitting at a table with brochures and other materials, helping a person wearing a hat and jacket standing at the table

Sandra Brick at a CareerForce Corner hiring event at Minneapolis Central Library on Feb. 1, 2024

Sandra Brick is dedicated CareerForce specialist who exemplifies the assistance job seekers receive when they call or visit a CareerForce location looking for help in their job search, from exploring career options to preparing for interviews – and everything in between. 

Just this month, we’ve received two CareerForce Success Story submissions thanking Sandra for her help in taking resumes from meh to marvelous. 

Anthony stopped by CareerForce Minneapolis North for help with his resume and Sandra jumped in to help him. 

Anthony says he found employment right away after Sandra “helped me get rid of all the imperfections on my resume.” Anthony went on to remark, “Sandra Brick is one of the best HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS EARTH!” 

Jaye reached out to CareerForce, also looking for help refreshing her resume, and was promptly connected with Sandra. 

“I had not truly been on the job market since the early 2000s. I had gone several months without any hits on my resume and needed advice to help me seek out potential problem areas,” explained Jaye. “Sandra helped me do a full overhaul and all her advice points were well explained and while some were surprising, they made sense. Upon my first resume revision I received an immediate phone interview.” 

A big thank you to Sandra for her work!  

And a reminder that all job seekers are welcome to get resume and other job search assistance through CareerForce at no cost!