Find out if your layoff may be TAA eligible. Find Recently Certified and Pending Petitions below.
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Recently Certified TAA Petitions

Recently Certified TAA Petitions are listed below by Company Name in alphabetical order (A-Z). If your company is listed, please email us at to determine if you are eligible for TAA services.

Last updated 6/15/2021.

What do the dates mean?

If you were laid off on or between the Impact Date and Expiration Date you may qualify for TAA benefits. 

Decision Date: The date when the U.S. Department of Labor "certifies" that a group of laid off workers were trade impacted and are eligible for TAA benefits

Impact Date: The first date a person could be laid off and be eligible for TAA benefits.

Expiration Date: The last date a person could be laid off and still be eligible for TAA benefits. This is not when benefits expire.

Emerson Automation Solutions

  • Petition Number: 96702
    • Location: Elk River, MN
    • Decision Date: 2/10/2021
    • Impact Date: 2/2/2020
    • Expiration Date: 2/10/2023

Landis + Gyr

  • Petition Number: 95764A
    • Location: Pequot Lakes, MN
    • Decision Date: 4/22/2021
    • Impact Date: 3/3/2019
    • Expiration Date: 4/22/2023


  • Petition: 96906
    • Location: Plymouth, MN
    • Decision Date: 6/4/2021
    • Impact Date: 4/5/2020
    • Expiration Date: 4/5/2022

Olympus Surgical Technologies America

  • Petition: 95859C
    • Location: Brooklyn Park, MN
    • Decision Date: 2/28/2021
    • Impact Date: 3/31/2019
    • Expiration Date: 2/28/2023


  • Petition: 96890
    • Location: Maple Grove, MN
    • Decision Date: 6/3/2021
    • Impact Date: 5/6/2020
    • Expiration Date: 6/3/2023

Torax Medical

  • Petition: 96688
    • Location: Saint Paul, MN
    • Decision Date: 3/8/2021
    • Impact Date: 1/27/2020
    • Expiration Date: 3/8/2023

Do not see your company listed? Has your company been impacted by foreign completion or foreign trade? Please contact us and we can assist you.

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Pending Petitions

These TAA Petitions are currently under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (OTAA) and a determination will be issued soon. Listed by Company Name in alphabetical order (A-Z). The information on this site is not the official notice of any determination. Learn how TAA petitions work.

Last updated 6/15/2021.

Bedford Industries

  • Petition: 96901
    • Location: Worthington, MN
    • Investigation in Progress by U.S. OTAA 

Synchrony Bank

  • Petition: 96860E
    • Location: Saint Paul, MN
    • Investigation in Progress by U.S. OTAA

If you don't see your company listed but know a petition was filed, you can search on the U.S. DOL website.