Help for workers negatively impacted by foreign competition
diverse group of workers

What is Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)?

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federal program that provides aid to workers who lose their jobs, or are at risk of losing their jobs, or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of foreign competition.

TAA services are designed to help you regain employment that is the same or better than the job you are at risk of losing or have actually lost.

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We have several short videos to help explain TAA and the available services. 

You can watch them anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Navigating TAA Training

Navigating TAA Training Booklet and Quick Summary

The Navigating TAA Training Booklet is available in the following languages (updated July 2022):

The Navigating TAA Training Quick Summary is available in the following languages (updated July 2022):