CareerForce partner helps others find fulfilling employment

image of Jeremiah, a career seeker who found fulfilling employment through CareerForce

Jeremiah is a military veteran who successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in urban planning, but was having a hard time finding a position in his field in the Grand Rapids area.

To jumpstart his search, Jeremiah met with Jane Kerntz, a Veterans Employment Representative based at CareerForce in Hibbing. Jeremiah had been looking for work for about a year and was eager to find a job that would utilize his skills and pay a living wage.

Jane suggested he apply for a position as an employment counselor at a CareerForce partner in Grand Rapids. After he decided to pursue the position, Jane helped Jeremiah get ready to apply and interview.

“Jane helped me to prepare for it,” explained Jeremiah. “I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

Now, Jeremiah is helping others seeking meaningful and sustainable work find employment in career fields that are a good fit for them.

“After working hard for a long time to find the right career path for myself, I am happy I can help others who are in the same situation I was in 18 months ago,” remarked Jeremiah. “It’s good to help connect people with fulfilling employment.”