Stacy heads down the road on a promising career, thanks to Leading CareerForce partner

Stacy standing in front of semi truck

Stacy was looking for a new career path with higher wages, so she came to CareerForce in Woodbury for assistance.

Leading CareerForce partner Washington County Workforce Development connected Stacy with a training program to help her get a Commercial Driver’s License (often called a CDL). The CDL qualifies her for employment as a heavy truck driver – a high demand occupation with a median wage of $58,460 a year in Minnesota.

“This experience has been awesome. Getting my CDL has given me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and excitement,” said Stacy. “I now have the experience, knowledge and am comfortable driving a semi-truck. Looking forward to my new career as a truck driver.”

Stacy took an intensive 6-week course at Minnesota Commercial Academy at Dakota County Technical

College, where she learned everything from basic vehicle maintenance to advanced driving procedures.

“I learned so much about how to maneuver and drive a tractor‐trailer. I was a little nervous at first driving a long distance and being alongside other vehicles and in a construction zone. I had a great teacher who gave me the confidence I needed to keep driving and just focus on the road,” said Stacy. “Most importantly I learned not to give up on myself, to believe I can do anything I put my mind to and be successful at it.”

Stacy expresses her gratitude to Leading CareerForce Partner Washington County Workforce Development and Dakota County Technical College staff -- and encourages other women to consider driving a semi. “I am very thankful for this program and all the great people that help coordinate it. I’m glad that I can be a role model to other women in the male‐dominated world of trucking and get chance to have a great career too.”