TAA helps Jasmine get on a strong career path and increase her wages nearly 50%

Jasmine's photo on a blue background

Jasmine was abruptly laid-off from her customer service job at a bank and struggled to find another position that met her needs. So, Jasmine decided to go back to school to finish her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and pursue a career with great growth potential in health care. Because Jasmine was eligible to participate in the Trade Adjustment Assistance program (TAA), the program paid for all of her school expenses and provided income support payments through the Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) program.

Jasmine graduated with her BSN from Metropolitan University in May 2022 and accepted a new job in Maryland in July 2022 and relocated through the help of the TAA Relocation Allowance benefit. By attending TAA training and completing her BSN degree, Jasmine increased her wages 46% over what she was making in customer service. Plus, she now has a skill set that is in high demand, increasing her marketability to employers and laying the groundwork for future career advancement and higher earnings.

While being laid off was a difficult experience, Jasmine seized the opportunity to move to an in-demand career path. Here’s what Jasmine shared regarding her experience with TAA and with the TAA specialist who worked with her, Tami Brewer.

“Although the circumstances that led me to TAA can be considered negative, this opportunity was heaven sent. Working with this program allowed me to pursue my education with a sense of peace. I have always worked as I pursued my degree; however, there were times where I had to consider halting on courses to accommodate for my livelihood. TAA met me at the right intersection of my life and allowed me to make the choice that would propel me forward. Having my school expenses covered meant that I could finally be a fully invested student and budding professional within my career field. This experience has allowed me to be a competitive candidate in the job market and ultimately secure my first position in my profession.

“Determination played a large role in my success, but I’d be remiss if I did not heavily credit this program and the specialist that handled my case. I was fortunate to work with the same coordinator for the entire time that I was enrolled. She was always kind, receptive, and invested. She always kept me updated on opportunities that were available to me so that I was as successful as possible. Overall, this program is a part of the cornerstone for my success, and I would not have it any other way!”