ACR Homes

ACR Homes is well known for its high quality, respectful care and support. We are a versatile company, and we have expertise in a variety of areas. Currently we support over 200 people, over 130 of whom require wheelchair accessible homes. Many of those people have mobility limitations or medical issues which require supports such as 2-person transfers, special diets, positioning, rang of motion therapies, tube feedings, ostomy care, supplemental oxygen, and diabetes. We serve over 25 people who require support for behavior issues and also have homes for people who have some level of independence. In addition, we have homes for people who were injured later in life, who have chronic, degeneration diseases, and people who have significant physical limitation but no mental impairment.

Our Core Values Statement is central to everything we do, and every decision we make: It is our core belief that human life is intrinsically valuable; it is therefore our goal at ACR to provide the best possible physical and emotional support to individuals whom we support in order that they may lead fulfilling lives.  We've put the key concepts we use to accomplish our mission right in the name, "ACR", which stands for Acceptance, Communication, and Respect.

ACR Homes has been named one of the top twelve large companies in Minnesota through the Star Tribune's Top Workplace survey for six years. In two of those years, ACR was voted the #1 workplace! In addition, employee feedback resulted in ACR receiving a Special Award for Ethics and Values.The ACR Homes team consists of 1000 professionals working to make an impact in the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly. ACR has a wide range of positions; from flexible direct care that offers hands-on patient care experience and competitive pay, to management with a rent-free live-in option. ACR Homes has a position available for anyone.