teen restaurant worker

Recruiting and developing young talent

Seventy percent of young people ages 16 to 24 in Minnesota are in the workforce. That’s significantly higher than the national average of 55 percent. Young people in Minnesota are very much engaged in the labor market—and that’s excellent news for employers who want to hire them.

There are many reasons employers may want to hire young people. They’re often energetic and enthusiastic about their work. Employers also know a promising young person could turn into a long-term dedicated employee. Plus, hiring young people can foster new creativity and shift perspectives among all generations. This can be a huge win for your workplace culture.

While employers may appreciate the flexibility, enthusiasm and willingness to learn that young people bring to the workplace, there are other factors employers need to take into consideration with younger employees, especially teens:

  • Greater need for supervision and guidance
  • Lack of life and work experience
  • Higher turnover rates compared with other age groups
  • Restrictions on the wages, hours and types of work employees under 18 can do

Here are some helpful resources: