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Minnesota Job Partners is the Dislocated Worker Program of the Teamsters Service Bureau.  We offer career counseling, job training,  résumé preparation, placement services, emotional and financial support – all free through the government-funded program.  Our goal is to help you quickly re-enter the workforce with a job that can sustain your family.

Job loss is stressful, but you’re not alone.  We’re here to help when and where you need it.  

Our Approach to Employment Services


  • Client Centered – Our approach is to tailor our services to each job seeker’s unique needs. You may want to return to work quickly with a similar job. You may want to change careers or transition to an industry with more opportunity. You may want to start a small business and be your own boss. Whatever your dream, we can help you reach your career goal.


  • Assessment Tools – Self-awareness is key when choosing a job or changing careers. Our Strengths Coach leads a Career Exploration workshop that uses Clifton Strengths by Gallup and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Armed with knowledge of your strengths and skills, you can choose training and career options that will maximize your satisfaction and success on the job.


  • Labor Market Information – We believe in data-driven guidance. We use LMI to help you select a viable career path. That data gives a local view of how many jobs exist in different fields, how much those jobs pay, and what skills are needed for certain roles.


  • Career Counseling – Our Career Counselors meet one-on-one with you in-person or virtually to discuss your education, experience, and career goal. They identify any gaps in work readiness (do you have the skills and training needed for your career goal?) and job search readiness (are you prepared to conduct an effective job search?). Together, you develop an Individual Employment Plan that charts a path to your career goal.


  • Job Training – Training can begin as soon as you are enrolled. Counselors immediately help you assess the skills you need to quickly meet your goals. Credentialed training qualifies clients for in-demand jobs as truck drivers, computer programmers, project managers, accountants, nurses, and many more. Non-credentialed training pays for digital literacy courses (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). On-the-Job training reimburses an employer for part of a client’s wages while they learn to perform a job.


  • Support Services – We provide you with the financial and emotional support you need to participate in career and training services. This includes, but is not limited to tuition, mortgage or rent assistance, transportation, childcare, emergency health and dental care, tools and clothing, professional memberships, and relocation assistance.


  • Get Hired Better Course – We offer an exclusive four-week course with everything you need to job hunt with confidence, clarity, and a competitive advantage. Our curriculum includes a proven online job search library with inside secrets, videos, shortcuts, scripts, and templates.
  1. Week 1: Isolate Your Target, Create a Plan, and Break Through Barriers
  2. Week 2: Stand Out and Tell Your Best Story
  3. Week 3: Find the Jobs and Get Past the Gatekeepers
  4. Week 4: Interview for Success and Money Talk


  • TAA – We’ve managed five TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) projects since 2016 and helped 409 job seekers maximize their benefits. TAA is available to workers who lose their jobs, hours, or income due to increased foreign trade.


  • CLIMB – We are experts in the CLIMB (Converting Layoffs into Minnesota Businesses) program. We are currently providing 48 aspiring entrepreneurs with training and consulting to successfully launch or grow a small business.


  • Advancing Racial Equity – For our agency, racial equity means closing the gaps so that race does not predict one’s success. We know we are advancing equity when we can reduce the wealth, health, education, and employment gaps for a client.


  • Job Leads and Placement – We are recognized as a pipeline for talent. Our Job Developer has matched qualified workers with motivated employers for 25 years. She has relationships with hiring managers for Minnesota’s top employers, especially in the transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology industries. We also have strong leads for good union jobs and apprenticeship programs. We host job fairs and networking events.


  • Follow-Up Services – We provide 12 months of coaching to help you succeed in your new workplace. If the new job is not a good fit, your career counselor will help you find a better opportunity. We also provide lifetime résumé development and interview preparation if you seek a promotion.

Programs and Services

The next step for your next career with our Partners

Some businesses close their doors. Others need to let their talent go for various reasons. When that happens, we’re often the first on the scene.