Diane finds promising new career path with help from TAA

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Trade Adjustment Assistance, or TAA, is a federal program that provides aid to workers who lose their jobs, or are at risk of losing their jobs, or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of foreign competition. Diane benefited from TAA, through leading CareerForce Partner Career Solutions in St. Cloud, after losing her job in just such a situation. Here is Diane's message of gratitude, in her own words.

"In 2021, I experienced a job loss due to a plant closing. I was with my employer for 35 years so job searching was something I had not done in several years. I felt that my biggest challenge was that I had been in one single industry for so many years that my skill set and experiences were limited. This is when I realized that I would need assistance with finding employment. I enrolled in the dislocated worker program with Career Solutions in December 2021. I participated in the Career Trek program through Career Solutions and also completed a career assessment while in that program. This program helped me to identify my current skills, explore career options, and begin to set my goals for future employment. 

"Together, my Career Solutions planner and I explored what my interests would be in a career. This is when I realized I had an interest in administration and customer service. My previous job did not provide me with the necessary skills or experience needed to pursue that career path. To move forward with this goal, I needed to expand my skillset with some training. With the help of my Career Solutions planner, I received financial aid through the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. With this program, I was able to enroll in college to get the training I needed to expand and strengthen my skill set to pursue my new career goal and become employed once again. 

"I started my training in April 2022. With dedication and determination, I completed my training in 18 months and graduated with honors with an associate degree in business management. My Career Solutions planner also provided me with information on a website to help strengthen my typing speed skills. My typing speed increased from 30 WPM to 50 WPM by using the practice lessons provided on the website.

"Now, I needed to tackle the next hurdle, which was writing my resume and being prepared for common questions that are asked in an interview. Due to my long-term employment with my previous employer, it has been several years since I had been interviewed by an employer. I knew I would need some assistance with my resume and interview tips. My Career Solutions planner was very helpful in providing me with information and assistance on my resume and interview tips. She also provided me with information on workshops for resume strategies and interviewing skills that I could either attend live or watch the recordings at my convenience. 

"A short time later, I was contacted by an employer requesting an interview. The following day after I was interviewed by this employer, I was offered the customer service support position that I was interviewed for and I accepted the offer. This is the beginning of an exciting career. 

"My journey started with a job loss and a path of uncertainty, and now I am in a career that I am passionate about and happy to be in every day. Thanks to the training I received and the job search assistance from Career Solutions, the Dislocated Worker Program and TAA, I was able to achieve the skills I needed to find a stable career with an opportunity for growth."