man with disability at work

Tap into an undertapped talent pool

Nearly 11 percent of Minnesotans report some type of disability. That means for every ten people in your organization, it’s likely one person has a disability. So, how does your organization find—and welcome—people with disabilities? 

Here are some benefits a person with a disability can bring to your organization:

  • High levels of productivity and loyalty, which in turn helps build stronger overall employee engagement
  • Significant contributions to innovating your company processes and products through different perspectives and experiences
  • New market opportunities because you’re showing people with disabilities—and their families and friends—that you care

Most workers with disabilities require no special accommodations, and the cost for those who do is much lower than many employers believe. Studies by the Job Accommodation Network show a high percentage (59 percent) of accommodations cost absolutely nothing to make, while the rest typically cost around $500. Find out more about employer responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The bottom line: Everyone benefits when you tap into this underemployed talent pool to find dedicated employees.

Here are some helpful resources: