Jobs in Demand: Marketing Managers

Female office worker wearing yellow jacket and face mask standing outside an office with a person sitting at a desk wearing a face mask.

Marketing Managers are extremely important for businesses looking to expand into new markets or to improve outreach to current clientele. Often working in the executive suite, Marketing Managers are responsible for planning, directing and coordinating marketing programs and strategies in order to determine the demand for products and services and identify potential customer bases.

With such a high level of responsibility, wages for Marketing Managers are typically much higher than for most other occupations in the state. Half of all Marketing Managers made between $50.96 and $82.36 per hour, the equivalent of $105,000 to $175,000 per year. The median wage for Marketing Managers was $65.97, which was three times higher than the statewide median wage for all occupations ($21.49). Wages vary by region but were highest in the Twin Cities Metro followed by Northwest Minnesota.

Marketing Manager positions typically require a relatively high level of education. In Minnesota, more than 85% require a bachelor’s degree and 7% require a graduate or professional degree. According to DEED’s most recent Job Vacancy Survey, 96% of recent Marketing Managers vacancies also required at least one year of relevant work experience and 63% required some type of certificate or license. None of the recent vacancies were part-time and only 3% were considered temporary or seasonal.

Marketing Managers are most prevalent in the Professional and Business Services sector but can also be found in high numbers in Manufacturing, Trade, Transportation and Utilities, and Financial Activities. Each of these industries depend on Marketing Managers’ ability to assess and identify markets for their goods and services.  Some common skills and abilities that are integral to the occupation include critical thinking, speaking, social perceptiveness, oral and written comprehension and expression, and deductive reasoning.

According to the Occupations in Demand tool, demand for Marketing Managers in Minnesota is higher than average. Additionally, DEED’s Employment Outlook tool, which produces both short and long-term employment projections, estimates the occupation will grow almost 7% from 2018 to 2028 statewide. Northwest Minnesota is projected to have the highest 10-year growth rate at over 19%. Complementing robust employment growth are the high numbers of openings that will be created as current Marketing Managers retire or leave the occupation for other reasons. These trends point toward sustained demand for Marketing Managers into the foreseeable future.  

If you are interested in more information about opportunities as a Marketing Manager, check out Jobs in Demand here on the website for wage ranges, educational and training requirements, current open positions in Minnesota and more.  

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