Jobs in Demand: Management Analysts

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In a time when many businesses are assessing how they can adapt to meet the challenges imposed by a global pandemic, Management Analysts are in increasingly high demand, both in Minnesota and across the country. Also known as Management Consultants or Business Analysts, these high level knowledge workers evaluate organizational systems, procedures, and processes in order to enable more productive, efficient, and effective operations and management. Some common skills and abilities include critical thinking, judgement and decision making, oral and written comprehension and expression, and inductive reasoning.

Management Analysts typically need post-secondary education, with almost 85% of positions in Minnesota requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher. Experience is also very important for Management Analyst positions. Nearly every recent job vacancy required at least one year of relevant experience and about 12% also required some type of certificate or license.

Management Analysts make a lot of money. Half of those workers employed in Minnesota earned wages between $31.05 and $50.46 per hour, or between $65,000 and $105,000 per year. Entry-level workers can expect to earn wages near $25.30 an hour and more seasoned analysts can earn close to $67 per hour. These wages vary by region, with the highest being in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro, with a median hourly wage of $40.38.

Management Analysts work in many different industries but are most prevalent in Professional and Business Services. In addition Financial Activities, Public Administration, Education and Health Services also employ significant shares of Management Analysts.

According to the Occupations in Demand tool, Management Analysts are currently in the highest tier of demand throughout Minnesota. Additionally, DEED’s Employment Outlook tool, which produces both short and long-term employment projections, estimates the occupation will grow more than 11.5% from 2018 to 2028. In every region of the state the projected growth of the occupation exceeds 4.4%. Over the next decade, more than 6,000 positions are expected to open up as current Management Analysts retire or leave the labor force for other reasons, ensuring that the demand for workers will remain high for years to come.

If you are interested in more information about opportunities as a Management Analyst, check out Jobs in Demand here on the website for wage ranges, educational and training requirements, current open positions in Minnesota and more.  

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