Jeff thanks CareerForce Native American Veterans Services Team

photo of Jeff, who shared his success story

“Career Forces offered services to me shortly after I had graduated,” said Jeff “They were a valuable resource that shared job postings, offered classes for resume building, and preparation for interviews."

Jeff turned to CareerForce Veterans Employment Services for assistance in the summer of 2020, shortly after graduating from the University of Minnesota during the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeff is a disabled veteran and used veterans benefits to attend college. His college degree would have normally opened many doors for him, but the pandemic had impacted available jobs in unprecedented ways and he needed assistance navigating the new labor market landscape.

Jeff contacted Yogi (Terence) Montry, a CareerForce veterans employment representative. Like Jeff, Yogi is a Native American and a veteran. Yogi helped Jeff explore his employment options and prepare for a successful job search. Jeff landed a job as a loan officer at a large national bank in November 2020. 

“Graduating college during the beginning of the pandemic was a challenge. The entire last semester felt like a haze. We had left classes for spring break, with all eyes on the news on what was happening with the spread within our own borders in the state. We never returned to classes and resumed everything online,” Jeff said. “I left college with many uncertainties. I remained hopeful and stayed proactive by building my resume, cover letter templates, and searching and applying at numerous jobs through job search engines."

“Working and assisting Jeff with his employment endeavor is why I come to work every day,’ said Yogi. “Jeff was always ready for any challenges in his search!”

Providing assistance to help Native American veterans is essential: 25% of able-bodied Native Americans enlist in the armed services compared to only 3% of the general U.S. population, according to the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs. Despite this service, less than 50% of Native American veterans apply for the federal and state benefits they have earned.

CareerForce Veterans Employment Services is here to help Minnesota veterans explore their career options, get prepared for a successful job search and find fulfilling employment. Yogi is part of a team of Veterans Employment Representatives that serve current and former U.S. military members across Minnesota. 

"Yogi was there for me shortly after graduation. He was referred to me through my voc-rehab coordinator who happened to be Native American as well. Yogi was relentless in offering resources and advice. I had job postings and emails daily. Yogi was an extra set of eyes out there for me and an inspiration to keep me motivated and focused. I was hesitant about taking the job I am currently in because it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned doing after graduation. Yogi’s advice to take the position and build a foundation was a key part in making the right decision. I have gained valuable skills over the last year,” said Jeff “I know when my opportunity comes to serve Veterans and Native Americans, I will be prepared and Yogi will still be there for me as a confidant, a friend, and a brother."

If you are a veteran, get the help you’ve earned and contact a Veterans Employment Representative near you today!