image of diverse people that says Workforce Development Month and has CareerForce logo

A time to raise awareness about CareerForce services throughout Minnesota

September is Workforce Development Month in Minnesota, a time to honor workforce development leaders and staff across Minnesota, as well as draw attention to the resources available to those looking for work and employers who need workers to grow and thrive. 

CareerForce is Minnesota’s workforce system and is made up of DEED staff and workforce development partners around the state who are currently offering services over the phone, online in person by appointment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed Minnesota’s labor market in unprecedented ways, starting with the largest and fastest job loss in state history to the steepest, followed by the swiftest employment recovery Minnesota has ever witnessed following a recession. Currently, there are tens of thousands of jobs available across the state and employers are struggling to find workers to fill them due to a variety of factors. In some cases, workers may need to gain new skills to find a job in their area that meets their family’s needs.

Even before the pandemic, there were major changes underway in Minnesota’s workforce due to dramatic demographic changes in our state and across the country. In Minnesota, more than a half million people will reach the age of 65 between 2015 and 2035, leading to a decline in the share of the working age population from 62% to 57% during that time. In addition, by 2035, one in four Minnesotans will be from a community of color or Indigenous population.

Collaboration between the workforce development system and business, education, and private-public partners is critical to align workforce development efforts and employers' needs – and help connect Minnesotans who need work with the employers who need them.