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Tech Month Facebook median wage $49.39/hr in MN

May is Technology Workforce Month - or Tech Month for short - in Minnesota. Our state is home to about 111,000 people working in Information Technology (IT) occupations. That’s about 4.1% of total employment in Minnesota, while the national average for such occupations is about 3.6%. That means that IT employment is more concentrated in Minnesota than the nation as a whole.

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Labor Market Information (LMI) data points to a continued trend toward well-above-average growth in demand for IT workers in Minnesota. DEED projects employment in computer occupations to grow 12.2% between 2020 and 2030, while the average growth of all occupations in Minnesota is 5.7%

Because of high demand for IT workers, wages for workers in these occupations are higher than for most occupations in Minnesota. In fact, the median hourly wage for IT occupations was $49.39 an hour in 2022 – that's nearly $25 an hour higher than the median for all occupations in the state. 

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