Military veteran makes transition to civilian career with expert assistance

graphic of two people high-fiving with words "CareerForce Success Story"

Tim LaBeau at CareerForce in Cambridge helped Adam make the transition from the military to a civilian career. Adam served as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Army. Through this work he gained proficiency in linguistics, mastered various communication technologies, honed data analysis techniques, and developed a knack for comprehensive report writing. These hard skills are instrumental in civilian sectors like data management, data analytics, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and even business analysis. Tim helped Adam leverage the considerable skills he had earned while in the military to find career path civilian employment.

Here's what Adam said about the life-changing assistance he received from Tim:

“Tim Labeau and the Veterans Employment Services team have been instrumental in my transition to civilian employment. Right from the outset, Tim maintained consistent communication with me, ensuring I never felt isolated or overwhelmed by the job-search process. He regularly sent me tailored job notifications via email, reflecting a keen understanding of my skills and aspirations. These weren’t mere automated alerts; they were thoughtful suggestions that often aligned with what I was seeking.

“Moreover, our in-person meetings were a testament to his commitment. He took the time to understand my background, strengths, and areas of interest, all the while providing unwavering support. It wasn't just about finding a job; it was about finding the right fit for me. The advice and guidance he offered weren't generic; they were personalized, insightful, and immensely beneficial.

“Most notably, Tim's suggestion for me to enroll in the Connect 700 program showcased his deep knowledge of the resources available for veterans. It was a game-changer for me, and it underscored how invested he was in my success. In a world where personal touch often takes a backseat, Tim and the Veterans Employment Services stand out as exemplary. Their dedication goes beyond mere job placement; it's about empowering veterans to find their rightful place in the civilian world.”